Project Management: Not a Contradiction In Terms

Some recent studies suggest that some 87% of large scale software development projects get delivered "late or never." To even out those odds, try taking the online class taught by Jasper Steutal at the Multimedia Studies Program of San Francisco State University.

Project Management: Strategy, Structure, Communication focuses on managing the production of Web applications. Students learn methods for managing the scope, budget and schedule of a project while maintaining the client relationship and keeping the production team focused and motivated. Production management methods are taught through real world examples and best practices of experienced producers. Additionally, students learn how to: document the architecture and infrastsructure of a Web application; layout production plans and requirement documents; manage media assets; assemble production teams; develop rollout plans.

In other words, bring 'em in on time and on budget.

The course lasts 12 weeks, and runs from Wed., Sept. 22-Dec. 15

Visit http://www.sfsuonline.org

The cost is $475.00, and best of all, you can take it naked.


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