The Lickable Interface

Stamps.com turns a step-by-step instruction process into a thing of beauty.

Getting Started at photos.stamps.com

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An elegantly designed step-by-step process guides you...

Remember Aqua, the Macintosh "lickable" interface? Turns out the real lickable, clickable interface is a postage stamp. Today, Stamps.com announced the ability to use your own photos as bona fide US postage. While the price is a little spendy, the design of the step-by-step instructions that walk you through the process is elegant, simple, and fool proof.

What are they doing right?

• Focussing on the task at hand

• Limiting choices

• Labelling task-based icons for crystal clarity

• Using typography to create a visual hierarchy

• Designing a visual environment that uses warm, friendly photos to demystify the process and subtly suggest, "Hey, I CAN do this!"

• Using color to reinforce actions. Take a look at the great big orange buttons used for "Continue" and "Order."

Lickable postage

Originally uploaded by Word Strong.
Here's the result!

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