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I have seen the future of photography and it is bigger, bolder and more beautiful than ever. Robyn Color, a San Francisco-based digital photofinisher, has just invested in a Polielettronica machine (one of two in the U.S.) capable of generating eye-popping 30” by 49” chromagenic (type C) color and black and white prints. Photos are printed on archival quality matte or glossy Fuji Crystal paper rated to last up to 100 years. Printing is incredibly simple—bring a finished, cropped, color-corrected image to a Robyn Color G5 workstation, drag it into a folder, and six minutes later the first image is printed. Successive prints run off the machine in 60 seconds. Because all of the time and trouble in traditional photofinishing is eliminated, prices are astonishingly low. Owner Mark Robyn said one professional photographer came in recently and printed an entire gallery show in two hours. Robyn is so excited about the creative possibilities the new printer provides, he’s converting much of his photofinishing plant into digital suites where photographers can come in, experiment with their images, run test prints, and then print their work just they way they want it. For shooters outside the bay area, an upload form is available at www.robyncolor.com.

Public Speaking

Got something you want to get off your chest? What would you say, given one free minute of public speech? That’s the premise of www.onefreeminute.net a digital soapbox that enables participants to call a cell phone and get whatever is on their minds—from the personal to the political—into the public square, courtesy of a loudspeaker that can be heard from 150 feet away. Thanks to the Internet your voice can be heard around the world. Just remember, brevity is the soul of wit.


ATF throws another font on the barbie

Halvorsen hints at a Scandinavian simplicity, harkening to the clinical purity of classics like Erik Spiekermann’s Meta and Info Text, combined with a more casual warmer tone. The result, from Wayne Thompson of The Australian Type foundry is a text family at once open and versatile, flavored with a little more of the famously friendly Australian personality than the serious northern European text families. Offered as an OpenType font, complete with small caps, fractions, ligatures, and non-lining numerals, Halvorsen is a modern sans-serif with a high x-height, suitable for text usage. Halvorsen is simultaneously formal and friendly. Think of it as Meta after a few drinks.