Marketing Management Made Simple(r)

If too many projects, low budgets, and fierce deadlines have you fighting alligators instead of draining the swamp, take a look at Robohead 4.0, project management software from Aquent. Robohead aims to help organizations manage projects and schedules more effectively. Designed specially for marketing project management, RoboHead’s set of integrated Web-based tools are designed to get typical users up and running within minutes. The new version includes 25 enhancements dedicated to saving time and increasing productivity. Robohead focuses on three key areas of marketing operations: project management tools allow users to build schedules, assign tasks to team members and track their progress. Communication and collaboration modules enable team members to share creative work, and assembles all notes and aggregated feedback. On online digital library securely houses all the digital assets associated with a project and makes them available to team members.


TED Ideas Worth Spending On

What, you didn't have the six large to attend TED this year? Bummer. No matter, you can still see the talks for free. The website at TED.com presents videos of presentations, performers, futurists, and culture heroes.

Anand Agarawala's BumpTop Desktop

Everything and everyone from Eve Ensler of the Vagina Monologues (I think she's moved on to another body part) to Malcom Gladwell (of the big hair) to Pilobolus performing Symbiosus and big thinkers (the usual suspects include Jane Goodall, Al Gore, and Stewart Brand) sharing insight into their work, their process, and their vision for the future.

Ross Lovegrove's Organic Design presentation

These are jaw dropping examples of beauty, clarity, and innovation. TED brands their conference with the slogan "Ideas Worth Spreading." These are presentations worth calling your friends, colleagues, and kids over to watch.


The Desiger's Designer

Inside Outside
By Malcolm Grear
351 pages; $45.00
published by New Riders

There's more than one high modernist in the canon besides Charles Eames. In Inside Outside, Malcolm Grear, who taught at the Rhode Island School of Design from 1960 to 1998, brings his experience from his teaching career (inside design) and his professional practice (outside design) to illuminate the process and practice of design. The first section presents Grear’s assignments to his students that explore line, letter form, motion, field and ground, and more. The student responses, presented in black and white, are amazingly inventive. In aggregate, these assignments represent a theory of design, though Grear is much too practical to spend much time in theoretical explorations of design. The second half of Inside Outside is devoted to the professional practice of design, with a close look at Grear’s commissions to create logos, signs, exhibits, posters, college textbooks, and visual identity systems. Taken together, the two halves of this book offer an essential design practicum. And they show Grear practicing what he preaches: a problem solving approach to design that relies on a deep understanding of fundamental principles, and a pit-bull’s commitment to process.


The Stock Bucks Here

Stock for a buck
Fotolia, a new international stock agency on the scene is making news with its low pricing scheme. Offering professional quality images starting at $1, Fotolia makes more than 175,000 photos available on its website at www.fotolia.com, which is currently growing at 50,000 images each month. Designers and art directors with minimal budgets can find the images they need for print, the web and presentations using the easy navigation and search tools. Photographers can sell their stock images at prices they choose, as either royalty-free or with an exclusive buyout license. A bulk image loading process makes it simple.


Where Banner Ads Go to Die

Oscar Wilde defined charm as “that little indescribable nothing” and he might have been talking about that really cool banner ad you saw six months ago. Whatever happened to the dancing chicken? The cow abduction? Where are they now? You can find the answers at www.bannerblog.com.au, an enormous compendium of recent banner ads. The catalog of banners is sortable by agency, by brand, and by category. Banner ads live on in this incredible archive.


Tom Peters get EXCITED about Design

By Tom Peters
160 pages; $15.00
Published by DK Publishing

When Tom Peters, the management guru who made his reputation with In Pursuit Of Excellence, champions design, look out. There is no one in the design community more vocal, more passionate, more highly caffeinated, more prone to use ALL CAPS and exclamation marks!!! to get his point across than Peters. While Peters is no designer, he “gets it” in his gut, and he knows from his experience sitting in on board room presentations how designers can make important contributions to a company’s bottom line. Brief enough to be read on a plane flight, this slim volume is designed to be tucked into a purse or a jacket pocket. Read it for a shot of adrenaline, and then hand it your best clients.


The brandable blog

Blogmark This
Brandanistas get their blog at www.internationalbranding.org. The branding blog provides a clearing house of ideas where those in the branding industry can share resources, learn about trends, and engage in a passionate debate about the meaning of the word, the direction of the industry, and how to explain what they do for a living to their friends (and yes, even their clients).


I've got a secret

Pssst, wanna know a secret? There’s a place to share your secrets on the web, for all to see at http://postsecret.blogspot.com. Simply mail in a 4 by 6 postcard with your secret emblazoned on it, and the folks at postsecret scan it and post it on the web. When postsecret launched it caused a frisson in the world of blogwatchers. The secrets seemed direct, authentic, and honest. They shone a weak flashlight beam into the darkest corner of someone’s soul. For about a week. Now it feels arty and contrived. If you want to see what’s haunting an art student, this is the place to go. A Postsecret book is available at Amazon. A movie is planned.


Think ink

Shiny subtle colors are now available by the hundreds, thanks to the new release from PANTONE. 125 new specialty colors, including 97 metallic shades and 28 pastels, offer designers, printers and clients the chance the stand out on the retail shelf and enhance consumers perceptions of quality with subtle, shimmering shades. These new colors make it possible to reproduce the sparkle of a new car’s paint job or the pale blush of a peach. The new metallic and pastel guides are available in a fan guide format, or loose leaf chip books with tear out color swatches. Chromatically arranged colors are displayed with their unique PANTONE number and are reproduced on a state of the art printing press that uses integrated color measurement controls to reproduce color with greater consistency and tighter tolerances. For more information visit www.pantone.com.