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Ads of the World
With the Super Bowl approaching, its a good time to see what advertising agencies from around the world are doing. Chances are it doesn't involve talking Clydesdales. The site at http://adsoftheworld.com presents a global compendium of work submitted by agencies in lands where English is not the first language.

The website not only showcases great print, tv, radio and environmental work worldwide, it provides an instant tutorial on the power of visual communication. Many of the ads on the landing page communicate without a single world. Powerfully, eloquently, and humorously. Copywriters take note.

In Hong Kong, advertisers distribute mouse pads illustrated with naked breasts (to promote breast cancer exams). In Asia a man lights himself on fire (really) to illustrate the fiery hot taste of Kurkure potato chips.

All in a day’s work at adsoftheworld.com

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