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Driver Does Not Make Change
What’s better than your own bus?
Your own bus slogan.

Atheists in London have declared the death of god, then announced it on buses in London. Turns out the joke’s on them, since god doesn’t take public transportation. Nonetheless, their response is typically stiff upper lip. Beelzebub is coming for your immortal soul. Carry on. Asteroid wipes out life on earth? As you were. DOW falls 879 points in an hour? Just get on with it.

Here’s the best part:
Yes, you can generate your own bus slogan. Here’s mine:

Think of them as rolling haiku. An existentialist poke in the eye. An inside metaphysical joke.

Now if they would just drive it around London for a few hours, I’d be happy.


Advertising with an English accent

Strategy & Branding

The most thoughtful, consistently useful blog I’ve found on strategy, branding, and advertising comes from Richard Huntington, a planner at Saatchi. His posts on emotion, ideas and how to get them, as well as his collection of briefs (I mean creative briefs) put the stiff upper wit and a surprising amount of heart into advertising.


The Envelope Please

Not quite the Academy Awards for Information Design...

Flowing Data has announced its 5 Best Data Visualization Projects for 2008, and there are some great examples of cutting edge data visualization. Wordle, an old favorite has made the list, along with Radio Head's House of Cards music video, a project created out of Google Labs that used 3D laser scanners to create the imagery captured for the video. Just in time for Valentine's Day (and lonely hearts club members) is I Want You To Want Me, in which data from online dating sites comes to palpable life. Finally, because there will always be an England, there's Britain From Above, a BBC series that looks at traffic flowing into, out of, and above Britain. Air traffic, ship traffic, Internet traffic and good old fashioned traffic traffic are all rendered here as glowing traces of light.


Anti-Productivity Tools

Video Jukebox
Yeah, I know, it’s easy listening for recovering rockers, but still, how can you not like Ida Maria singing, “I like you so much better when you’re naked.” Watch streaming videos, or just play it in the background.

Alt-Rock Radio
Think of the coolest person you know. Now imagine what's on their i-Pod. Now hit shuffle.

Sweet Soul Music
Remember 45s? The little records with the great big holes. A collection of southern soul from the golden age of the 60s. For the real deal, just listen to Gloria Jones singing Tainted Love.

Let Your Freak Flag Fly
Wolfgang's Vault posts the best live concerts from the heady days of Bill Graham presents. If you missed the Dr. John concert in '78 cause you were messed up behind some Tuinals, this is your chance to hear what you've been missing. Just remember what the Dead Head said back in the medical tent, after all the drugs had been flushed from his veins: "Man, this music sucks!"


The Mother of All Motion Graphics Sites

Moving all of the pixels all of the time

Spellbinding and awe inspiring, the motion graphics showcased on Motionographer will have you picking your jaw off the floor at the same time you are asking, “How did they do that!?”