Pepsi gets a new logo; Arnell Group gets a black eye

Muddying the water so it looks deep.

Look familiar?
The Pepsi logo captures the best thinking of Western Civ. Or not.

Every now and then a piece of marketing hoo-ha comes along that is just so over the top, so full of BS, so arrantly wrongheaded that you have to look at the calendar just to check that it isn’t April 1st.

OK, so I may be the last person in the world to have seen the Pepsi Breathtaking marketing platform put out by the Arnell Group (the people who brought you the failed Tropicana packaging) in support of the new Pepsi logo, but I can’t help but be amazed at the thinking (or lack of it) that went into the preparation of this document. You can’t help but think, somewhere at Arnell a newly minted Brown graduate is pumping his fist and saying to himself, “I knew that Liberal Arts degree would come in handy one day!”

Despite what you think of the logo (I like it just fine, by the way) the strategy document that explains the logo design by invoking the golden mean, the Mona Lisa, Vitruvian Man, the Fibonacci Sequence and the earth’s magnetic field is a mess. I’m still half hoping that someone from Arnell will pop out on April Fools Day and shout “Just kidding!”

In 27 pages a clear thought fails to escape
the gravitational field of this document.

It’s not Breathtaking. It’s jaw-dropping. Or as the good ol’ boys say down south, “It’s too much candy for a nickel.”

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  1. A black eye is better that the rotted stomach lining you would get from actually drinking the stuff!
    Who does drink it anyway? Maybe their target market is old nerds who would actually appreciate all the gothic computations that went into the design!