Polaroid Technology Lives On

Shake it like a Pola-droid
Polaroid understood instant pictures. But, married to their proprietary film technology, they missed out on the digital camera revolution. Despite their bankruptcy, there is still a way to share the love of instant imaging, the super saturated colors, and the anticipation as you watched your image come to life in the palm of your hand. Thanks to Dominik Fusina (alias Paul Ladroid), Polaroids live on at www.poladroid.net. Simply download the app, drag a jpeg onto the desktop icon of an old Polaroid, and wait, wait, wait for your image to develop. A grabby hand icon lets you shake the image while you wait. A timer alerts you when your image is ready to print in 400 dpi resolution.

So the film is gone: the white bordered instant prints, the incredibly foul smelling fixative you has to squeegee over the film, the Saturday night live parody of the SX -70 Cheese Slicer… all will become dim memories. And yet, the Poladroid site is finding an audience of Polaroid fanatics. According to Paul Ladroid’s own stats, he’s received over 300,000 downloads. The numbers reveal there’s still a deep longing in the photography community for those ghostly images appearing before your eyes and the sense of wonder in never knowing exactly how your picture will turn out.

See what develops...


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  2. I love that the Polaroid snaps are coming back! That was my first camera and trust me, my parents were very relieved that they were able to burn some of those shots and not worry about the negatives.
    The Polaroid also marked the beginning of the personal, private photo...you know the ones, held out as far as your arm could reach....trying to look mysterious and away from the camera....over and over because you already paid for the film.
    I think people liked the power...obviously, they still do!