Technology Made Simple

As simple as possible, but no simpler

Remember the 1993 movie Philadelphia, in which Denzel Washington plays a small time homophobic lawyer who asks a witness to “explain this to me like I'm a six-year-old”? Well that’s exactly what Lee and Sachi LeFever of Common Craft do with high tech concepts for clients including Google, Redfin, and Boeing. Using crude low-tech devices like cut out paper dolls, hand-drawn sketches, and, well, even their own hands, they explain high tech concepts like Twitter, Pod Casting, and Social Networking in an informal voice over so simple even the most fearful technophobic Luddite would get it.

While some agencies demonstrate technology with razzle dazzle special effects, and try to awe their viewers with whizzy Flash techniques while selling sizzle, Common Craft understands they are in the explanation business. No matter how complex the subject Common Craft keeps it simple. You can view their free videos at the Common Craft Show where they explain everything from RSS and Online Photo Sharing to Wikis and the proper use of CFL light bulbs. Corporate influencers who want to get their companies to adopt some of the technologies explained by Common Craft can purchase high resolution downloads of these videos for use in the workplace.

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