Crowdsourcing meets MTV

Sour puts the face in the crowd

Andy Warhol said "In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes." Today, thanks to the Internet, the proliferation of web cams, and cheap video editing tools, Warhol might have to rephrase his famous aphorism to: "In 15 minutes, everyone will be famous."

In this sweet, clever music video, the band Sour has crowdsourced the cast directly from their own fan base. Each of the hundreds of scenes was filmed straight from a web cam, with participants logging on from around the world. The result is a lovely testament to community and creativity directed by Masashi Kawamura + Hal Kirkland + Magico Nakamura + Masayoshi Nakamura.


At OMNI Hotels Our Guests Come First

Lights, camera, action! And I mean action.

Digital movies made in a hotel. Hmmm, wonder what they expected, when they planned this promotion.

In a boon to the sex-tape industry, OMNI hotels are loaning a Flip digital video camera to their weekend hotel guests. Even better, they are sponsoring a contest in which the winner of the best 3-minute movie gets a free trip -- not to Vegas, baby -- but to that hotbed of digital filmmaking, Bedford Springs, Pennsylvania. My favorite part of the promotion is the free breakfast, which the marketers at Omni have called "Flipjacks!"


Branding in Bangalore

Outsourcing Logo Design

Just when you thought, no matter how crappy the economy is, designers will always have work, the work gets shipped offshore. No kidding, you can get a decent logo designed for a less than $100 in Malaysia, according to today's story in the Wall Street Journal.

While typically companies can spend tens of thousands of dollars, and sometimes as much as six-figures for a new logo and identity campaign, for a mere $67 an outfit in Penang, Malaysia came up with a fairly sophisticated take on a creating an identity for a hypothetical startup that retrieves data from a crashed hard drive. OK, it's not Paul Rand, but the effort cleverly incorporates the hard drive disc platter with the first initial of the company "Disk Fix Solutions." Not bad for a fistful of ringgit.