Why We Love The Advertising Business

It's the People!

The brains behind Business Guys on Business Trips skewers the pretensions of the ad biz with a gimlet eye, a minimalist approach that turns the players into generic cartoons, and thought balloons filled with real agency jargon but devoid of any actual real thought. Which makes it a work of genius.

These cartoons feature the inept, the afraid, the craven, the backstabbers, the smokeblowers, the ass kissers, the bootlickers, the ladder climbers, the talentless hacks, the clueless... in other words, everyone you've ever known who has ever worked at an agency. Which, of course, includes you.

What Business Guys On Business Trips understands perfectly is that people don't want to laugh at themselves, they want to laugh at someone exactly like themselves. Well, here we are.

Bonus: for the long form version of Business Guys on Business trips, read Then We Came To The End, by Josh Ferris, the best and funniest novel ever written about the agency business.