Print is not dead

Print is not dead. It just went on a diet.

You can immortalize your tweets in print, thanks to Tweetnotebook. Remarkably easy to use, elegant in design, Tweetnotebook slurps all your tweets between the covers of a stylish notebook reminescent of the beloved Moleskine travel diaries. Each page features one random tweet at the bottom of an otherwise blank page. Its an odd experience seeing a year's worth of passing interests, random shout outs, and flitting mental engagements. Part diary, part trip down memory lane, Tweetnotebook is an artifact of a the digital age meant to endure for the ages. Utility, craft, engagement, and serendipity all combine to create an experience that borders on delight. Perhaps now that there's an easy way to publish tweets, we'll see a new prose form: Twitterature.



Picture This
Drew Hodges, CEO of Ad agency SpotCo discusses the creative decisions that went into the design of the new poster for the revival of La Cage aux Folles. The producer, Sonia Freedman hung the candidates on her walls for a week, asking herself, which ones would stand the test of time.

You can learn what Hodges has to say about poster design and see all 8 posters here. Turns out to compete for attention in in Times Square simple bold and iconic are winners. In other words, an image you can see and recognize from 10 blocks away.