The Dark Side

Best and worst Superbowl ads of 2011. See them all.

Who knew Darth Vader could be a hero? By tapping into the generational love of Star Wars, dress up, nerdom, and a childlike belief in never giving up, Volkswagen comes up with a winner. I love this ad because it rings so emotionally true.

On the other hand there's the shock and awe of Joan Rivers as a spokeperson for GoDaddy. Not funny. And just wrong. You can hear a couple million remotes being thrown across the room when the commercial cuts from cleavage to the hatchet faced Rivers.

Almost right:
A young man living among white clad drones & clones finds a florist, buys flowers, photographs them, makes a cartoon, and sends it to the prettiest drone in the whole cube farm. (Thanks, Motorola!) Of course it would have been better if he had just given her the REAL flowers. But then that doesn’t sell tablet computers.


The Girl Effect

She's baaaaaack!
The Girl Effect, that is. The organization started by the Nike Foundation to empower girls in developing countries through education, health, and anti-poverty investments has recently launched another of its extraordinary "intonation animations." Created by Australian production company Mighty Nice the six-minute-long video does something the longest, most detailed annual report from the World Health Organization fails to do: it makes medicine taste like candy. Once you see it, you'll want to get involved. The Nike Foundation makes that easy.